Waiting for Spring

Well, it’s been a while… Okay, more than a while. It’s been ages.

What have I been doing all this time?

Well, I’m in my final semester of my master’s program. Which means that I’ve been furiously working on my Literature Thesis, due in a month. I’m writing on chores and domestic images in Young Adult literature, which should be fun, but as it is something that I HAVE to do rather than something that I’m doing for fun, working up the motivation to write is a bit like pulling molars out. 

I have also been teaching a couple freshman English classes–which means trying to force a little bit of writing ability into young minds that have never read a book in their lives (at least post-Dr. Suess)…

I have also been working at the grocery store part time, which means that when I would rather be reading or knitting, I am instead dealing with frustrated customers whose melons were bad. 

But I have managed to get a few projects done in the meantime…

Like these hand-sewn, hand-embroidered handkerchiefs.




And these hand-sewn coasters.




And this delicious focaccia bread.





And this fun little tree-stump pencil holder.



And of course, more socks. But more on that later. 


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